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You know you need to make a change, but you’re struggling with your food, attitude and body. 

You’re not sure where to start. Everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked. You’re frustrated.    

What you need is someone to guide you to sustainable health & get real results. 

That’s EXACTLY what I do, fabulous! 

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Case Study & Praise 

Clarissa went from hating on her body to celebrating her body daily. From emotional eating to empowered eating. From feeling “fat” to feeling fabulous! Continue watching and reading as she shares her amazing transformative story that has effected all aspects of her life and continues to inspire others around her, myself and you! 


Fabulous Clients & Testimonials

The FAB program allowed me to go from having goals that were nutritionally and physically based on numbers to realizing that these superficial goals were not why I was on this journey. I was on this journey to find happiness and health for myself. Along the way, I found respect for myself and let go of what others thought about me. I became comfortable with who I am and gained the confidence, power and skills to change, if I wanted to.   – S.S. Nurse Canada 

A month ago I was severely hormonally imbalanced, liver wasnt doing good, everything that could be wrong with me was. A month later I am a new woman. I feel like a million bucks and more knowledgable and confident. This all saved my life and future with my body! – C.S. United States 

Working with Elyse has helped me become more confident in my health. I’m less depressed than I ever was and I’ve learned how to create my “Delicious Health Recipe” and stick to it! No more endless diets or eating programs. I have all the tools I need! This program is empowering and the results I’ve gotten out of this program have been beyond my wildest imagination. I started the program wanting to just lose weight- thinking that was my only “issue.” I left the program with a whole new outlook on life and skills to go with it!

-W.C. United States