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Permission To Feel FAB-U-LOUS is one-on-one health and happiness coaching for women and men. It comes in three flavors.

One day immersions are short and sweet. If you’re looking for results fast, I’d love to meet you in person (or Skype/phone) for a full day of powerful coaching. For the go-getter and immediate implementation.

90 Days to Nourishment is for the gal or guy who’s ready to take their health and happiness to the next level, feel fabulous and live a life they love.

Six months to delicious health and happiness is where we’ll create a unique recipe for health and life success. For those who need extra support and accountability.

All programs are by application only. 

“Elyse helped me transition to a healthy version of a gluten-free lifestyle. A month later I am a new woman. I feel like a million bucks and more knowledgable and confident. This all saved my life and future with my body!” - Clarissa S., Veterinary Assistant 

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FAB Camp is a global health and happiness training. Here you’ll create a delicious recipe for unique and sustainable health success. It’s an 8-week online educational training program that teaches you how to create health and happiness using an inside-out approach. You’ll learn step-by-step how to balance your food, elevate your attitude and love your body using nutrition and positive psychology principles. After purchasing FAB Camp once, graduates of the program get to re-take the course every year, for the life of the program – for free.  
One of the most powerful aspects of the program is the community and interaction with Elyse. Our graduates and participants are some of the most loving, creative, generous and soulful people you’ll ever meet! 
Enter your name and email at to be in the know about our next enrollment period. Click here for more information about Elyse Wagner’s FAB Camp, including a program tour and frequently asked questions about the program. 
“FAB Camp is a space where I have been able to work towards creating a sense of self that I love and respect. It encompasses all areas of my life and provides various tools in different learning styles so that I can learn how I need to. Aside from individual growth and learning it also provides a safe space with like minded individuals to discuss our struggles, celebrate our successes and most of all, to realize that almost everyone around us struggles with similar issues. It takes you from feeling like you’re the only one to knowing you’re not alone.” – Steph S., Registered Nurse 



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Don’t let the simple smoothie title fool you. This is not just a smoothie recipe book. It’s a brilliantly blended resource full of education, inspiration and easy-to-follow steps to create health from your head and heart – starting from the inside out first. 

It works for those wanting an anti-inflammatory, gluten free, organic and fresh eating lifestyle that emphasizes detoxing on the daily with whole real foods, herbs, homemade nut and seed milks, fermented foods and of course succulent smoothies!  Get the book in any major bookstore or get the eguide with some extra juicy bonuses! 

“No matter where you are on your journey to health and vitality, Elyse Wagner’s Smoothie Secrets Revealed should be a part of your library.” – Jen Bardall, Body Image Mentor & Coach  

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Permission To De-Stress, a course designed by Elyse Wagner and Erin Brown helps you re-establish and create a life that helps you transform your stressors in a way that energizes, empowers and inspires you! Click here to read more about the program. 
Stress that’s transformed is about using that energy to fuel your goals and passions, it’s about feeling powerful. Using that power and energy helps you connect your head and heart to choose exactly what you want and what will serve you best in the moment! 
Maybe you’ve done yoga, pilates, or meditation courses full of ‘OPEs’ or other-people’s-expectations. The problem is, when you try to reach other’s expectations of you instead of accepting where you’re at, you can end up feeling like a failure. You end up yanking your yoga mat and putting it the closet, putting the kibosh on pilates and muting the audios on meditation. 
Permission To De-Stress is the a course that teaches you tools and techniques that are proven, stress-reduction techniques while showing you how to fit them in your lifestyle without adding more stress to your plate.    
If you’re looking for clear, concise and actionable steps on de-stressing your life and plugging up your ‘big leaks’, I highly recommend this program.
- Reina B., Events Planner 


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