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First off, lemme tell ya that I’m totally grateful for YOU!

And because of that, I’ve filled this vlog up with some AMAZING goodies!

Before we dig in, I know that Thanksgiving and… heck, the holidays in general can be stressful! There are so many different types of foods, people and events and guess what? Holidays and family are great and all, but a lot of the time holidays bring STRESS.

We cope with that stress sometimes by eating our way through it. Don’t let that happen to you! Turn Thanksguilty into enjoying your Thanksgiving! 

In fact, I have a couple of things for you so you can enjoy while eating mindfully! 

First, I have two throwback episodes of ETV, including one with my favorite friend, Cassie. She and I are showing you a couple different ways you can take your leftover Thanksgiving trimmings and turn them into scrumptious seconds!

I guarantee you’ll have leftovers after you put into action these 4 easy mindful eating techniques that will help you slow down, savor and enjoy every bite of your Thanksgiving meal and beyond so you don’t need to leave the table with your pants unbuttoned.

Sound too good to be true?

Keep reading and watching!

4 Easy, Peasy Mindful Eating Tips:

1) Show gratitude for your food. Yes! I want you to tell the food thank you! Next, tell your body thank you. It does so many amazing things for us on a regular basis.

2) Show gratitude for whoever made the food. Your mom, sister, brother, aunt, Whole Foods, etc…

3) Take 3 -5 deep belly breaths before you actually start eating. This helps to gear your body into rest and digest mode. Meaning you will be more in tune with your hunger and fullness signals so you CAN walk away from the table feeling satisfied and fabulous!

4) Bring your senses into your food. What does it look like? What’s the texture? What’s the smell? Does it bring up any memories for you? Savor your first bite and enjoy it!

Part I: Join me in this 8 min video as I show you how to take your Turkey and turn it into a Root Veggie Stew that will keep you warm, full and satisfied for days! Plus, learn how to make Sweet & Savory Potato and Carrot Latkes. 

Part II: This is one of my favs because I’m with my amazing friend Cassie! Both of these videos were filmed in Seattle, Washington, and we had so much fun creating memories, good food and juicy tips for you! In this episode, I’m sharing exactly how to get rid of ALL that crazy cranberry sauce that always seems to be left over (at least in my family). I share an amazing Turkey Kale Wrap and this is literally wrapped to the nines with all the Thanksgiving Fixin’s!

Snag the packet of Transforming Thanksgiving Recipes! Want more juicy recipes? Check out the recipe rolodex here!

Let me know ONE thing you’ll do different this Thanksgiving and share your answers to one or all of the questions below!

1) What’s ONE thing you’re grateful for? Your shoes, heat, your dog….it could literally be anything!

2) What’s your favorite Thanksgiving trimming? Mashed potatoes? Stuffing? Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes?

3) What’s ONE mindfulness tip you’ll use at your Thanksgiving Day meal so you don’t end up unbuttoning your pants by the end of the meal?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

In gratitude,



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