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“Secrets Revealed provides a dazzling array of beautiful and delicious recipes to improve your health. It is a fun and fantastic way to boost your nutrition and food knowledge.”

– Dr. Michael T. Murray, coauthor of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and President of Natural Factors

“In less than 30 days, Elyse helped me transform my eating and living lifestyle bringing my hormones back into balance. She’s helped me transition to a healthy version of a gluten free lifestyle. A month later i am a new woman. I feel like a million bucks and more knowledgeable and confident. This all saved my life and future with my body!” 

– Clarissa S. 




“My favorite things about Elyse’s book are the mindful eating tips and the morning mantras. And I thought I knew everything about making smoothies, being a Vitamix-owning smoothie connoisseur. Elyse you have shown me THE WAY to make healthier and even better tasting smoothies to add to my repertoire! Even my husband likes them. And you’ve inspired us to take our brand new juicer out of the box. Thank you for creating such a detailed guide to smoothies—incredible!”

–Jesssica Riverson, Business Coach

“Opening Smoothie Secrets Revealed, I expected awesome recipes, beautiful photos and loads of charm I’ve come to expect from Elyse. All of that is enough reason to love this book. What I was blown away by was the amount of sound, easy to follow information about vital nutrients, deficiencies, daily detoxing, mindful eating, selecting produce, and personal stories from the author. This is not a recipe book, but rather a beautiful testimony to the work Elyse does to promote health from the inside out. For me, the recipes became the added bonus to the wealth of thoughtful information on nutrition and the healthy mindset. Elyse doesn’t want you to just drink a smoothie, Elyse wants you to care of yourself in every way.”

– Erin Brown, Personal Trainer & Body Image Expert




“Worth. every. penny. I almost didn’t need the last two session but took them because Elyse has a way to provide immense insight to any session. Within 2 months, I had transformed my behaviors, mindset and I’m now able to identify and handle my emotional stressors without standing in front of the fridge forever and then feeling guilty. I even started my own business after Elyse helped me identify and unlock my true potential! I also have had my first real/mature relationship and even though it didn’t work out – I didn’t fall apart – in fact going through the barriers on my own has ONLY made me stronger! Unlike those around me, she was unbiased in terms of the situation or circumstance that had created them and wasn’t tired of hearing about it. She didn’t just let me pour out my worries and cry over them. We dove into the real issues and worked through them even if that meant I got stuck, mad, cried or wanted to just give up! The FAB program allowed me to go from having goals that were nutritionally and physically based to realizing that these superficial goals were not why I was on this journey. I found respect for myself along the way and began to not care about what anyone else thought or said about me. If I was comfortable with myself, I didn’t need to change. If I was uncomfortable with something I found that I had the power to change it.”

— S.S., Registered Nurse

“Protein shakes are my go-to for breakfast and other healthy meal replacements. In her new book Smoothie Secrets Revealed, Elyse Wagner provides fabulous gluten- and dairy-free recipes to give your shakes serious variety and flavor. Talk about delicious combinations! Wagner also provides helpful hints throughout to choose the right ingredients that ramp up nutrients. If you occasionally get bored with your protein shake, I can’t recommend this book enough!”

–J.J. Virgin, Nutritionist & Fitness Expert, author and spokesperson





“No matter where you are on your journey to health and vitality, Elyse Wagner’s Smoothie Secrets Revealed should be a part of your library. To call this a comprehensive guide only begins to scratch the tip of the iceberg.Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is solely a book of smoothie recipes (though that alone would be worth the price of admission). Each recipe includes a list of just how its multiple components affect the body, which makes them a no-brainer to test and enjoy. I for one can’t wait to try the Rad Lime Colada. Ever wonder how to make your own almond or coconut milk? How about nut butters? Yes, it’s all here too! Not to mention the best equipment to use in your kitchen in order to achieve the best, tastiest results.The reader is also instructed in-depth on just how certain fruits and vegetables affect the body, which combinations of foods and their vitamins/minerals best affect various organs, even how to choose the best produce available and how to keep it fresh longer. What more could you ask for?Perhaps most surprising is the way Elyse brings it all together at a spiritual level. Truly, anyone who’s done their homework is aware of the mind/body/spirit connection and how everything works together in order to bring us optimal health and vitality. A truly informed and passionate professional, Elyse makes sure that the reader has every opportunity to bring every weapon in their arsenal together in order to create a truly healthy life from the inside out, which includes inner peace and harmony.And it’s just a fun read! Too often the mistake is made of presenting this information in a dull, clinical manner which often serves to turn the reader off – which is a terrible injustice all around. This book, however, is easy to digest (no pun intended!) and eye candy from cover to cover. The beautiful, stylish layout and flat-out gorgeous photos leave you wanting more…and wanting to dust off your blender immediately. I can’t recommend this book highly enough, and am sure that it will become a well-loved addition to any health-minded person’s library.”

— Jen Bardell, Body Image Mentor

“WOW- PERMISSION TO DE-STRESS was SO AWESOME! If you’re looking for clear, concise and actionable information on de-stressing your life and plugging up your big leaks or what is draining you, I highly recommend this program. I’ve already made a list of my leaks, started My Health Is FAB® chart and I’m excited to start implementing my new habits. Elyse dissolved the whole mystery! The FAB chart is worth the whole program itself!”




“Smoothie Secrets Revealed is by far the best smoothie book I’ve seen. Beautifully illustrated, chock full of mouth-watering smoothie recipes that are both delicious and bursting with health-producing ingredients. Plus, Elyse includes wonderful healing mantras that can make enjoying each smoothie even better for you. She also incorporate a treasure-trove of nutrition information, such as how to pick produce, and what nutrients are found in specific fruits and vegetables. I recommend smoothies to my clients and now have this great resource to share with them.”

– Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, Feed Your Mind Wellness

“PERMISSION TO DE-STRESS is a MUST for anyone seeking some solace from stress. This was more than just a class- it was real-life skills that I could implement immediately each day! I’ve already plugged major leaks in my life that cause stress in my health and my bank account, thanks to this class!”

–Nicole F., Summer Glow




“Whether you’re new to the smoothie-making scene with a barely-out-of-the-box NutriBullet in your kitchen or your blender has hundreds of smoothies under its blades, you can easily learn how to make a delicious, satisfying smoothie that can also help you feel slim and more energized!”

— Jenny Sugar, Founder of Pop Sugar

“I absolutely loved her simple breakdown of vitamins and minerals, why they’re important and where to find them in food. Elyse perfectly highlights the health benefit in each type of fruit and vegetable….Let Food be Thy Medicine…..Check out the book if you’re looking for whole-food, clean eating recipes from an educated source you can trust.This book could only have been written by a Bastyr woman with in-depth knowledge about nutrition and mad culinary skills.”

–Ginger Hulton, Registered Dietician



“My favorite part of the guide is the smoothie section, in which Elyse breaks down the anatomy of the perfect smoothie by explaining how to create the proper proportions of healthy fats, greens, fruits, and veggies to make a well-balanced and healing treat in your blender.”

–Sophie Jaffe, Philosophie Super Foods, Founder

“In 6 months I’ve come to realize that I am as important as each person that I put before myself in the past. I have allowed myself to form relationships I would never have thought possible and have started dreaming bigger than I did in the past. My life is more positive and my family has even noticed and loves the change as well. All that I have learned and the ways that I have grown are truly too great to be able to explain in words. I feel strong, empowered and in control of what used to feel like a downward spiral life.”

–Taylor P., Student




“I started off eating very unhealthy and having 5 miscarriages. Through working my problems out mentally and physically and adding in supplements Elyse suggested, I am almost 11 weeks pregnant with triplets. So far all the babies are doing really well. I am definitely more conscious about what I put in my mouth not only for them but also myself. Because of all the useful info I learned through the program, I am confident I will have a happy and healthy pregnancy. I’ve learned to be more patient and not sweat the small stuff.”

–Tina, Hairstylist