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Permission to Feel Fabulous



Attention FABULOUS women who are hatin’ (instead of celebrating) on their bodies…

Well, hello gorgeous!

I want you to know, you are not alone if this sounds familiar…

  • You wake up in the morning looking in the mirror and not liking what you see – pulling on your tummy or grabbing your thigh or stretching your face wondering “Why do I look like this and what can I do FAST to fix it?”
  • There is so much “nutrition noise” and hype in the media around health, body image and weight loss that is causing you confusion and frustration. It leaves you wondering what is “good” or “bad and what should I listen to?” 
  • You’ve tried pretty much any and all diets and exercise programs but you’re still not getting the results you want to and even worse, you’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on plans, courses and programs, only to feel like a complete failure when they don’t work.
  • You’ve wasted weeks, months and even years saying, “I’ll start the diet tomorrow or Monday.” Yet another week is put off and your health is in jepoardy. You try a day or two but end up falling off the wagon – yet again. 
  • You’ve put your life on PAUSE waiting for the “perfect” time to make the changes you sooooo know you need to make! 
  • Negative self-talk over rules your thoughts and beliefs! You can’t seem to get rid of it and when you do, you know it is only a matter of seconds, minutes or hours before another negative thought takes over. 
  • After eating well or exercising for a while, you end up reverting back to old habits and you wonder what’s WRONG with me and why can everyone else do it? 
  • You’re sick and tired of chasing after a body and life that just isn’t realistic for you and makes you feel anything less than fabulous! You know you deserve health, love, worthiness, respect, confidence and energy and to completely accept who you are. Yet, after everything you’ve done – you still don’t feel like you have any of these things! 

…then you’ve arrived at the right place! 

When was the last time you shared your food issues, negative body image or health concerns with someone who really understood and just gets it?

Do you wish that someone who’s knowledgeable from both personal and professional experience would take the time to give you the personal attention and guidance that you deserve along with tools tailored just for you?

If you are already nodding your head YES in agreement, that I’d love to chat with you. More importantly I would like to show you how to give yourself Permission to Feel Fabulous while discovering how you can create peace with your body and become your most nourished and loving self.

You CAN end the body hate and shame along with the constant worry about fat, calories and food angst without the pain and struggle of trying the latest diet or fad. 

I work with women of all sizes 1-on-1 to help you get to the CORE of what is keeping you stuck and getting less than fabulous results so you can stop dieting, body hating and food guilt to finally feel fabulous in the skin you’re in and feel blissfully indulgent in your body! 

It’s time for you to start feeling FABULOUS in your skin, no matter what size jeans you’re in! That means getting off the ‘Dieting Roller Coaster!’

Lemme just say that diets in any form or shape don’t work over the long-haul. You didn’t fail in the past.The diet or exercise program failed you. Does that shock you? If so, keep reading! 

I have been in a similar place to you. Known during my adolescence as “Obese Elyse”, I am now known as the “Kitchen Shrink.” I have spent the last 15 years of my life trying to “figure it out” through getting my undergrad degree in nutritional sciences and a double masters’ in holistic nutrition and health psychology and now I can’t wait to share my knowledge, experience and tools with you so you too can feel fabulous too! 

I hated my body, obsessed over food and felt unworthy of sharing my gifts with others and thought I couldn’t do what I wanted to do until I looked a certain way.

I discovered the keys to love myself and make peace with my body and food – unlocking myself from scale jail and body hate and shame forever!l I finally learned how to give myself Permission to Feel Fabulous and NOW, I want to share that gift with you.


My mission is to teach you the steps to shortcut your pain, unbuckle yourself from the dieting roller coaster, develop healthier eating habits, elevate your mood, exude confidence in every choice you make around health and reveal your key ingredients to feeling blissful and at peace in your own body no matter what size jeans you wear!

My approach is to help you reconnect and create a healthy, loving relationship with your Food, Attitude and Body by guiding you to your own body wisdom (the signals your body gives ya all day long that go un-noticed). I help you understand and transform what is keeping you stuck so you can breakthrough your barriers and finally get the results you so know you’re WORTHY of! 

When you work with me, you’ll need to be ok with the following ingredients: 

  • Expanding your thinking in new ways and trying sometimes ‘unconventional’ things like journaling, mindfulness, self-reflection, meditation, breath work, giving yourself permission, not counting calories or restricting in any way (if these apply to you.) 

As your Permission To Feel Fabulous coach and guide, I’m not here to judge you, guilt you or discipline you.  I’m here to guide, support and be your nourishing cheerleader – helping you take action and implement consistently so that you will ultimately end up changing your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, habits and life! 

Here are some examples and results of what I’ve helped clients accomplish in just 6 short months! 

  •  Connect and listen to the greatest teacher of all – her own body wisdom, learning to trust herself fully, working with her body rather than against it thus empowering her, gaining more energy and clarity than she has ever felt before! 
  •  Feeling comfortable in the skin she is in and how she looks which has taken her years to say and feel that way. 
  •  Taking a step away from food and actually evaluating what she’s really needing emotionally – letting go of anger, resentment and hurt built up directed towards herself, close friends and family that have hurt her thus giving her freedom and space to live in the present moment, standing in her power and using her voice confidently to get what she totally deserves and is worthy of! 
  •  Putting her scale (and guilt) in the garbage as she takes control of her life and her health! 
  •  STOPs her obsession with calorie counting, fat and sugar and still feels in control and confident with the food choices she is making! 
  •  Understands and transforms the REAL mental barriers that have kept her STUCK for years so she can finally free herself from old beliefs that no longer serve her! 
  •  Gains real life tools she can implement immediately to not fall prey to unhealthy relationships with food, negative attitude and her body! 
  • Handle stressors in a way that doesn’t involve punishing yourself but actually indulging in self-preserving behaviors so she can establish a healthy relationship with stress. 
  •  Finally looking in the mirror and LOVING what she sees staring back at her: fierce, flirty, confident, loving and sexy – ending ANY and ALL outside approval by comparing herself to others! 


Feeling fabulous in the skin you’re in is like the cherry on top of your favorite cheesecake among other delicious transformations that come with this work! 

So, are you ready to STOP body shaming, hating and food guilt (and not to mention denying yourself of joy) and have a healthy relationship with your food, attitude and body so you can feel fabulous in the skin you’re in for a lifetime? 

Are you ready to feel fabulous, fierce, flirty & fun? If this sounds like you and you’re considering working with me to give yourself Permission To Feel Fabulous, then, I’d love to hear from you! 

While it’s fresh on your mind, fill out the simple application below and one of our team members and I will be in touch!  We’ll set up a complimentary session to see if we are two peas in a pod and we’d be a good fit!

During Your Complimentary Permission to Feel Fabulous Session, we’re going to uncover the following:

1. Why you may be stuck in a fat rut!
2. How this is affecting you in terms of energy, time, health & personal joy!
3. The ONE powerful thing that can change the way you see yourself, stand proud and humbled and take your health to the next level quickly.

This session is perfect for you…

  • If you’re serious about getting to the heart of your health and happiness and giving yourself permission to feel fabulous, ENDING food guilt and body shame for good
  • If you get a tense feeling in your shoulders or ball in your throat or tightness in your chest or stomach that just nauseates you when you think about NOT doing something about your health 
  • This session offers you a no-nonsense, fast track with support, without wasting valuable time in achieving optimal results, feeling great and HEALTH.

Since you’ve read this far, please know you’re very important to me and I’m committed to working with only those who are serious and ready to move forward to transform their health and create a delicious relationship with themselves, their food and body. This is your invitation to start your journey to your new destiny by saying YES to this powerful conversation.

So, are we meant to work together to help you make Fabulous Health Transformations?

Submit your intake form while it’s fresh on your mind and we’ll schedule a 30-45 minute session within the next week to bring in the clarity and healing you need to live your most nourished, happiest & healthiest life. From there, we’ll determine together whether we’re two peas in a pod and working together is the RIGHT next step for YOU!

No pressure. Just delicious insight & calming clarity.

Talk to you soon!

Your Kitchen Shrink & Permission to Feel Fabulous Guide,