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We’re here to create sustainable health and happiness.

That’s why we’ve baked social change right into our business model!

Each for profit training experience is blended with a non-profit heart centered initiative. When you invest in your health success through our training programs, you’re not only helping yourself, you’re helping support and empower women and girls to lead a life they love, full of health and happiness.

Here’s our partners:

Independent Awakening is a 501(c)3 community organization working to lift up and connect young women. They primarily focus on the 14-24 age range by educating, empowering, and enlightening these individuals through practices of self-love, self-confidence and self-expression. Through these vehicles they hope to prevent self-doubt, self-destruction, poor self-image, and unhealthy relationships. Partnered with F.A.B. Camp!
The National Association Of Nutrition Professionals was founded in 1985 with the intention to unify, educate, serve and protect the holistic nutrition professional’s right to practice. They are fully dedicated to furthering the cause, education and standards of the holistic nutrition industry. We’re honored to direct a savings of F.A.B. Camp to NANP and its members in building integrity and credibility through a national certification process based on high educational standards and a rigorous code of ethics. One professional at a time. Partnered with F.A.B. Camp!
Want in on this juicy action? We think you’re fab for that. You can dig right in with our Independent Awakening Team, or you can see what’s coming up next!