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Who Influences How You Eat?

I was super frustrated and upset with myself the other night… 

You know when you go into a restaurant with a plan in mind. You’ve got it all set that you’re going to choose this one item on the menu. You’ve even written it down to make sure you’re staying on top of your game!

And then, you get to the restaurant, get wrapped up in the atmosphere and the people you’re with and all of a sudden your plan has well….walked off the table. 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself and get wrapped up in conversation with others. But this very thing happened to me just the other night and it got me wondering if it happens to you to! 

It wasn’t an end- all, be- all mistake- in fact it was the exact opposite! I enjoyed a food dish I haven’t had in a LONG time! Fettuccini Alfredo!

My family and I had dinner at an Italian resturant and it was full of fun, laughter, wine and storytelling… and, of course, FOOD!

When the time came to order, I was so wrapped up in conversation that I ended up ordering something I normally wouldn’t.

Have you ever wondered what or why that happens? The reason why I chose this dish is best explained in today’s ETV! episode! Click below to keep reading and watching what your biggest influencers are while eating!

When you take three-five deep breaths it signals the body that it’s time to eat and helps to slow you down! It also increases absorption and digestion as well! So for god sakes – just take a couple breaths! 

Eating and being around friends, family and other loved ones is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. But, if you’ve been working towards a goal or wanting to stick to eating a certain way and you wonder why you easily “get off track,” this video should help you identify what and who those influencers are and what you can do about it to serve you best!

There is also an awesome and empowering challenge at the end of this video that I invite you to start taking action on today!

Had a similar experience? What’s one thing you took away from that experience that you’re NOT going to do again? Leave your comments, questions and insights below!

Specifically, I’d love to hear how you slow down during eating?

Thank you so much for reading, watching and participating! You’re awesome!






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  1. Ginny
    June 25, 2014

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    Great tips!

    • Elyse Wagner
      June 30, 2014

      Thanks! Glad you liked it! How did you implement these action tips into your daily life Ginny?

  2. Rachel
    June 30, 2014

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    I LOVE these tips! I constantly find myself distracted by either technology, or going out to eat with friends and family. I need to start implementing these tips into my every day life immediately!

    • Elyse Wagner
      June 30, 2014

      Awesome! We love them too Rachel! What’s one tip you’ll put into action today!?!

  3. Gretchen
    June 30, 2014

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    Happy to know that other people are going through the same problems! I didn’t realize all of the distractions I need to watch out for….Thanks for the tips!!

    • Elyse Wagner
      June 30, 2014

      Hi Gretchen! You’re welcome! What do you find are your biggest distractions and how what’s one tip you’ll put into action to stop the distraction! :)

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