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Just like orange is the new black or 30 is the new 20, corn free is the new gluten free!

So why the heck would I tell you to stop eating a vegetable? 

Because I see a pattern. Here’s the deal. Gluten, corn and soy are all genetically modified crops. Specifically, about 80% of our US corn crops are GM. 

Corn is used in almost every processed food under the sun. And this ‘corn food’ literally becomes sugar once it’s metabolized by the liver and hits the blood stream. 

Now, the pattern I’m seeing is this. The gluten free craze went over like bananas. But guess what they were replacing gluten and wheat with? Ding ding ding – corn! So we’re basically switching out one GM crop for another. 

To read and watch more about why gluten free is not always ‘healthy’, click here.

So, why GM crops? What does this have to do with anything? Well, a lot!

Genetically modified foods have altered genes so they’re resistant against bugs. This provides a higher yield and more mula for big agricultural farms. Here’s the problem. A number of studies have revealed that GM foods pose profound risk to humans, farmers, wild animals, the environment and domesticated animals.

I’m on board with the Center for Food Safety on this one. However, I’d go a step further and say, if it was created or made in a factory – it probably needs to be broken down in one too! 

‘Seeks to halt the approval, commercialization and/or release of any new genetically engineered crops until they have been thoroughly tested and found safe for human health and the environment.’ – The Center for Food Safety 

Although we don’t have the same genes as plants,  we do have the same bugs or bacteria living inside of our gut that are affected by these genetically modified foods.

Think of the inside of our belly and intestines like a whole eco-system full of bacteria. When this bacteria is altered, it causes dysbiosis or gut dysfunction, damage and permeability.

This lets toxins and other particles into the blood stream causing our bodies to go into an alarm phase and start attacking our own selves. Thus the increase in autoimmune disorders like Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Thyroid disorders and more. 

I’m in favor of shifting away from corn and into whole real foods (mostly if not all Organic when possible)! 

Keep reading and watching below to find out three simple shifts you can start making in your food and transitioning away from corn products and THE simplest way to to know if a food is genetically modified!

PS- about half way through the video you’ll get a list of all the names corn hides behind! 

Now I’d love to hear from you. Answer one or all of the questions below and leave your insights! 

1) What do you think about going ‘corn free’ or ‘corn lite?’

2) What’s one shift you’re going to make this week to remove corn from you eating lifestyle or diet?

Leave your comments below! They’re greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading, watching and participating!





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