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 It’s summer – it’s hot, humid and the last thing I feel like doing when it’s days like this is….


Really – from someone who loves to eat – when it’s hot and I’m sweating, the LAST thing I want to do is eat something warm or baked!

I need to eat. You need to eat. We all need to eat and get our nutrients and energy in! So, I turn to cooling, soothing, nutritious and delicious things…. like smoothies!

Plus they are super quick and easy to make!

Before I get into today’s topic, I was at an event just the other day and I heard…

“That’s the most disgusting smoothie I’ve ever seen.” Now at first, I thought hmmm, that’s an interesting reaction to a smoothie.

Then I realized that person was talking about a recipe in my book – Smoothie Secrets Revealed.

The interesting thing about this was that I didn’t get upset. I wanted to know why this person wasn’t interested in this smoothie. So, I asked, “what makes you say that?”

Turns out – this person wasn’t opposed to smoothies, she just wasn’t into trying new foods and she couldn’t see how the combos of ingredients would make a tasty drink!

So, we started brainstorming different ideas of ways she could get nutritious but familiar foods into smoothies. We finally came up with something that she would be willing to try!  Turns out…. there is NO specific way to make the perfect smoothie!

That’s what today’s ETV episode is about – it’s a training video on how to create a delicious perfect smoothie for YOU! That’s right – you get to be the boss, I’m just the guide! So, keep watching and reading for more insights! 


The bottoms line is this – we all have different likes, dislikes and preferences and our food choices are complex. That’s why you get to be in charge. It’s helpful to have a guide of what makes a perfect well-rounded smoothie! I want to make sure you’re getting a wide variety of nutrient dense foods that will give you energy and keep you full longer! 

Use this helpful formula to guide you to whipping up tasty smoothies and get our Rad Lime Colada smoothie recipe here!

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Thoughts on juicing vs. smoothies!

I think both are great depending on your unique individualist needs and preferences.  Why I prefer smoothies over juicing is simple. 

  • Quick Grab & Go Meal
  • Full of fiber & fullness
  • Super Easy & Simple 

Juicing is a great alternative and is easier on digestion than smoothies however some juicing recipes and techniques can yield less fiber and more sugar. 

Our mind and senses have a lot to do with what we choose to eat and drink! If food looks appealing, that is more than half of our decision!

Final thought and key ingredient to add to smoothies or virtually ANYTHING you’re making is L.O.V.E! 


So, now I want to hear from you! What’s your favorite ingredient in smoothies and how will you start incorporating a nutritious smoothie into your lifestyle?

Leave your insights, comments and questions below! I can’t wait to read what you come up with! 


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  1. Regan
    July 2, 2014

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    Sometimes I find myself trying new things each and every day, however other times I veer away from foods such as “green” smoothies. For some reason I am not a fan of vegetables such as avocados or cucumbers, but I want to be because they are filled with nutrients. I still intend to create my own “green” smoothie with other ingredients that are just as good for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • Elyse Wagner
      July 4, 2014

      Hey Regan!

      That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing! What types of greens are you going to use? I’ve found that avocado (even though it’s green) it doesn’t have a super green taste blended with things like banana or other fruits and it actually makes the smoothie more creamy!!

      Let me know what you try!


  2. Rachel
    July 2, 2014

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    I can’t agree more with you Elyse! I believe that we are our own boss, and we can still guide ourselves into creating delicious and nutritious smoothies using ingredients that are appetizing to us. Even when we find some ingredients less appetizing than others we can find new ways to still make the smoothies yummy! I like that you added berries to your smoothie because when I heard it was a green smoothie my first thought was that it was going to be all vegetables, but it wasn’t! Clearly you CAN make delicious smoothies even when you add ingredients that aren’t your favorite. I find these videos so helpful!

    • Elyse Wagner
      July 4, 2014

      Yes you CAN! The beauty of food – you can create anything you want. Sometimes it’s a little trial and error finding the right tastes and textures!


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