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What does health mean to you? 

This is a fantastic question! Here’s why! 

We each have our own definition of health. It could be a way of eating. A lifestyle. A thought. A way of moving your body etc… 

Health is unique and individualized to the specific person. My definition of health will be different than yours or the next person. 

As a nutritionist and mental health counselor, one of the last things I talk about is food and nutrition. Seems counter-intuitive. Why? Because most people know what to eat. It’s the HOW of getting them to their health goals.

Making changes and sustainable chagnes at that is all about changing behavior and habit. This takes time and a specific attitude to cultivate.

To me, creating sustainable health is about relationships. 

If you’d like to hear my framework for health, give a quick listen here. PS – the video was not syncing with the audio so picture me in a green room, because that’s where I was.

Now, I’d love to hear your unique definition of health in the comments below. 

Thank you so much for reading, watching and participating! 

I’ll see you in the comments! 



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