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FAT. Overweight. OBESE. Morbidly Obese. WEIGHT. 

What’s your reaction to these words? Do they bring up judgments or negative thoughts or  images and feelings? Maybe you feel uncomfortable or shame, hurt, pain, angst and frustration. 

They certainly did for me because I was taunted in middle school as ‘Obese Elyse’ – who would’a thought you could rhyme my name with such a word, but it happened. 

And, if you’ve ever been called one of these names or you identify with one of these terms and view yourself a certain way, have you asked yourself how you allow these feelings and views to shape your life and dreams? 

Do you allow these thoughts and feelings to continue to eat you up inside and hold you back from your bigger goals and dreams? 

Interestingly, even when I was considered “thin” or “skinny,” I still felt like “Obese Elyse” inside and that name stuck with me through high school and into my early twenties and actually changed the trajectory of my life. For a big part of my life, what I was keeping with me (all the negative emotions was actually WEIGHING ME DOWN. 

Until one day, I stepped into my greatness and power and owned my body and the space I was taking up! BODY RESPECT to the max!

And I say this, because if I can do it, so can you! But, I will tell you, it wasn’t easy AND it didn’t happen overnight. It took work (the internal kind of work – the emotional work) to transform the engrained beliefs of what “Obese Elyse” meant – i.e: NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

This isn’t true for you, for me or for everyone, unless you believe it is. You are GOOD ENOUGH and you’re meant to live in a body that feels good – kina like a blissful indulgence!  

The feelings that I felt when I stepped into my own Body Respect were: Freedom. LOVE. Peace. ENJOYMENT. 

So, ask yourself this, “How would your life be different if you went from hating to celebrating your body? From feeling fat to feeling fab? From turmoil to peace? From emotional eating to empowered eating?” 

I will tell you from experience – it’s LIFE CHANGING.  When you make these transformations, your potential is limitless! 

I will also tell you that what’s completely disheartening is to know that most of what we’ve been told about weight and health – is pretty much a big FAT lie.

If that doesn’t start bubbling your attention – I don’t know what will, but I’ve got one of the most educated industry experts on ETV! today, who’s dug deep and has her own research to prove that the health-weight debate is not all it’s cracked up to be.

So, grab your favorite warm drink and listen in to this fabulous interview! Dr. Linda Bacon is revealing 5 Weight Myths and her new book, Body Respect. 

FYI: Video quality is spotty, but audio is working great! 


So, to recap: 5 Weight Myths

1) Fatness leads to decreased longevity

So, whether people are believing this to be true or in a bias, there is “an enormous amount of peer-revised research indicating that people in the “overweight” category live longer than people in the category deemed to be “normal.” Dr. Bacon also points out that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found this to be true and under pressure, published this result in the Journal of the American Medical Association, however, the CDC issued a disclaimer to health agencies urging them to disregard the data. Which leads into the next myth and question – what is “overweight” and are the measures even accurate? 

2) BMI is a valuable and accurate health measure

For those of you who need a refresher on BMI – it stands for Body Mass Index and we’re taught that it measures health. It really measures your height to weight ratio and doesn’t take anything else into consideration but it touts that it measures body FATNESS. The standards for BMI are as follows courtesy of the Center for Disease Control. These standards were set by the World Health Organization otherwise known as WHO. When you look closer into the recommendations, you’ll find that the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) is setting these standards and the biggest funders of IOTF is the pharmaceutical companies, with the only weight-loss drugs on the market. So, you can see they have a solution AND a vested interest. Bacon also shares in her book that the BMI standards for children are similarly flawed. 

Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 and Above Obese

3 Fat plays a substantive role in causing disease

Truth: “Many diseases are commonly found in heavier people,” Dr. Bacon writes. However, it doesn’t always mean that weight causes this disease. We’ve gotta dig deeper and look at the habits, behaviors and the traits between lighter and heavier people. We have to look at other factors that contribute to disease, not just fat. For example, we must look at fitness level, stress and discrimination, diet and weight-loss cycles. All of which can and do lead to inflammatory states and disease in the body. 

4) Exercise and dietary restriction are effective weight-loss techniques

Scientific fact: The First Law of Thermodynamics says that when the calories you consume is less than the calories you expend, typically, you should lose weight. However, even if diet and exercise are maintained and sustained – it doesn’t mean it will result in SUSTAINED weight loss. When you diet, you actually reduce leptin (fullness hormone) which causes an increase in your appetite and a decrease in your metabolism. There’s gotta be another way right? It takes a multi-pronged approach to create sustainable health. In FAB Camp, I’m taking a holistic approach to your health and wrapping into a lovely 6-week program where you create your Recipe for Sustainable Health Success (because you don’t fit in a cookie cutter recipe) & you finally break free from any strong emotions or beliefs holding you back so you can become the CEO of your health! For more details and information on this group program, click here

5) Science is value-free 

I love this myth- by far my favorite! Dr. Bacon explains in her book that scientists, just like you and I are people first and foremost. They come with beliefs, judgments and are influenced by the times and society. So, if we live in a sizest society like we do, we’re likely bringing sizest views to the research that’s being conducted as well as the practices that are being implemented all over the country not just in research but in hospitals, doctor’s offices, nutritionists and other health care practitioners. 

Here’s what’s really happening.  What we’re doing is really taking “inequalities and substandard science at face value because they align with the dominant “common sense” view.” God for bid we actually take a stand for what’s right and what’s actually true.  What ends up happening is we just eat up what we’re getting from the media without asking any questions.  And if this angers you – it should, because I was steaming when I heard about this.  

The more we’re quiet about this, the more the gap of silence continues to grow and grow. We don’t end up asking questions or questioning the research or the person telling us this information. Why? Because, it fits into what we’ve been told and it feels uncomfortable to go against that. We each have a voice and we’re meant to use it.  What this silence is doing is influencing the outcomes of health and is costing us our health and so much more!  

IRRESISTIBLE HEALTH ACTION STEP: USE YOUR VOICE & ASK QUESTIONS. Don’t just take what you’re hearing at face value. 

ALARMING and fascinating all at the same time, right? The truth is, the whole campaign against fat is not supported by sound science and doesn’t promote the kind of health we’re talking about!

The kind of health I’m talking about goes far beyond Organic produce and supplements. It reaches your emotional health and attitude, your physical well-being and how you treat your body – the relationships you have created with your food, attitude and body that allow you to FEEL a certain way and I hope that is fabulous! 

Keep reading and learning more in Linda Bacon’s newest book BODY RESPECT. Click the link to grab your copy TODAY & to download an excerpt of the book click the following links:  Body Respect: Excerpt 1 & Excerpt 2

After you’ve watched the video, share your comments, thoughts and insights below! Let’s get the discussion going on this topic! It’s a juicy one and leads to overall body empowerment! 

Thank you so much for reading, watching & participating! Last BUT not least, join me and thousands of other women and men who believe in Health At Every Size, by signing the pledge

And remember, YOU have all the right ingredients to create delicious health success, you decide! I’ll be your guide! 


PS – Want to transform your health and lifestyle so you can create health, feel fabulous and a life you love? Apply now for Permission To Feel Fabulous or FABcamp (group program coming in FALL 2014). Looking forward to talking to you soon! 

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