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 It’s 5-o-clock somewhere! What are you doing? Rushing home to get food on the table? Heading to the gym to get a quick workout in? Or are you heading to happy hour, a networking event or business after hours? 

Confession time! I hate going to social events when I don’t know a soul! Truth! It really gives me anxiety and on top of that I have to go beyond my comfort zone and use my ‘lady coconuts’ to muster up the confidence to go talk to someone!  That can make most people slip into the bathroom, call a cab and bolt out to something a little more ….well comfortable (which I’ve maybe done….. maybe ;)

I know I have mixed emotions about whether I should drink and if I do, what should it be.

Maybe you start thinking about what you should drink. Do you want the wine, the beer or the martini? And that leads into a whole sidebar conversation with yourself about how many calories you’re consuming and how you’ll have to hit the gym extra hard the next day etc…  All these thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame start to bubble to the surface BEFORE you’ve even had a chance to get a drink or socialize! 

Sometimes these feelings mixed with the situation can lead to overindulgence in the food and alcohol department and then whaddaya know…. next morning and days’ schedule is SHOT because you’re feeling gross! 

Well, if that sounds like you – you’ll love today’s ETV! episode! We have Leah Caplanis, CEO of her health and SOCIALenjoyments, a brand new sparkling rice sake drink with hibiscus and cucumber with only 88 calories—plus, it is gluten free, organic and non-GMO with only  1 gram of sugar.  AND…it is absolutely delicious. Need I say more?  

Leah  is dishing 3 fabulous tips on how to be #social (while drinking SOCIALenjoyments of course) and empowered in ANY situation! She also shares how she overcame a cancer scare at the early age of 26 and took her health back into her own hands!

Let’s face it – the real reason most of us go out is not to get drunk or sloshed – it’s to create connection! And sometimes creating connection takes vulnerability and reaching out to others! 

So, say goodbye to hangovers and hello to feeling light, bubbly and happy! 

Keep watching and reading for 3 tasty tips that you can use pretty much anytime, anywhere – especially in new social situations! And we’ve got a SOCIAL challenge for you, so make sure you watch to the end! 

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So to recap, being social doesn’t mean drinking alcohol or feeling the need to drink at any cost! We want you to be empowered to make that decision for you! Being social is really about creating connection with integrity and soul. These three tips help tremendously! 

    • Tip #1: Smile. Show those pearly whites off! 
    • Tip #2: Ask questions. Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? This is a great way to create connection. 
    • Tip #3: Invite. The more the merrier! 

Now, Leah and I have a challenge for you! We challenge you to invite someone this week to breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or an events you’re going to! Then let us know how it goes. What barriers came up? What was successful? Leave your comments below! We’ll be waiting for you in the comments! 

As always, thank you so much for reading, watching and commenting! You never know what insights or stories will inspire others to take action in their health!

Have a #social & fabulous week!  



PS: Here are some delicious SOCIAL recipes to try at home OR wow the bartender when you ask for a SOCIAL Cream & Rum Cocktail or a SOCIAL Lemon & Rose Cocktail

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