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Cooking Creates Community

I’m writing to you after a fabulous and fun day with one of my amazing clients. I’ve gotta tell you we cooked up a storm today! Pancit (a Filipino stir-fry noodle cuisine to salivate over), cauliflower crust for gluten free

How To Make Groovy Rewarding Rituals

Hi Friends! Living your life doesn’t have to always involve scheduling, calendars and appointments! Let’s face it – sometimes all that structure can actually cause stress! But a little ‘soul structure’ goes a long way! Yoga, pilates, exercise classes, your

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

  Hi ya friends!  Woohoo it’s New Year’s Eve! Whether you’re going to a glittery gala or snuggling up for a movie spree, I hope you take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate yourself! Why? Because, you’re awesome and you

Why Traditions Make The Holidays Special

  December is packed with holidays! There is Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa and tons of birthdays (at least in my family!) And you know what makes them extra special and nice? The traditions that surround each holiday and event.  They are full of

5 Reasons Why Meal Plans Don’t Work

A Story About Meal Plans If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand meal plans. They make you feel like you’re stuck in a ‘I can only eat this box’ and that can feel boring, unsucessful and unfulfilling!  Seems funny right?

7 Fabulous Reasons To Be Present & 3 Ways To Do it

  The other day I was sitting with one of my mentors who I adore, and he brought up one of the most powerful tools and skills you can have for yourself and for others. The thing was, he didn’t

My Kitchen Shrink Thanksgiving

  First off, lemme tell ya that I’m totally grateful for YOU! And because of that, I’ve filled this vlog up with some AMAZING goodies! Before we dig in, I know that Thanksgiving and… heck, the holidays in general can

5 Smoothies That Wipe Out Flu Symptoms

  Ya know when you feel run down, like you’ve just been going, going and going? Maybe it’s too much food, or too many people or you’ve been traveling. You end up getting sick with a cold or even worse…the

6.5 Steps To Less-Stress Meal Planning

6.5 Steps To Less-Stress Meal Planning  Let’s be real. Meal planning can sometimes suck. It’s stressful, takes time, preparation and planning, especially come holiday time! But, here’s the real meal deal. You wanna stay on your goals and keep feeling and

What is F.A.B. Health?

What does health mean to you?  This is a fantastic question! Here’s why!  We each have our own definition of health. It could be a way of eating. A lifestyle. A thought. A way of moving your body etc…  Health