About My Kitchen Shrink Inc.



Ok – so, I’m not a psychologist of kitchens or a cabinet designer! I do help women create healthy relationships with their food, attitude and body! My Kitchen Shrink Inc. is a completely virtual, woman-owned and run, conscious educational health coaching company. Our vision is a world where every human being has delicious abundant health, emotional freedom and body acceptance to live life to their fullest and biggest potential.Our Kitchen Shrink-star team spans from Chicago, IL to New York, Florida, Colorado and Washington! We love and appreciate our clients, families, pets, Apple goods, yummy food and most importantly – each other.Our goal is have each person work in their “zone of genius” meaning where they can make the biggest splash and can be in their “flow.” 

Our mission is to help women (and men) cultivate and create delicious healthy relationships with their food, attitude and body so they can feel fabulous in the skin they’re in and be equipped with tools and skills for a lifetime. Oh ya, and have a damn good time along the way.

What are some of our company’s guiding philosophies?

Everything is possible. No matter what ideas we come up with or want to create and make happen, it’s possible.

Integrity. Love. Optimism. Education. Inspiration. Courage. Passion. Drive. Vision. Soul. Peace. Responsibility. 

We don’t create products or services “just for the money.” The greatest goodies in life (health, spiritual, physical, emotional, relational) come from the core of our profound passions and what deep-seated needs our clients’ have.

Every program, service or product created is because we fully believe in it, create it with love, passion and intention, is fun and fabulous and we know it will make a huge impact in the lives of our clients’ as well as the lives they touch everyday.

Nourishment is the most influential healer there is. We truly nurture and nourish our clients and our larger audience as well as ourselves. That’s why we strive to deliver 10x the juicy value in everything we do.

What philanthropic initiatives does your company take part in?
Through our Balance Your Food, Elevate Your Attitude and Love Your Body initiative(R), each for-profit group training program is tied to a non-profit partner who supports women, the environment, wholesome food and body positive relationships. That means social change is baked into our business.

When you take time to invest in your health and yourself through our educational training products, services and programs, you are investing in yourself and your future as well as investing in helping make your life and the world a better place. Learn more here.

Let’s chat!

The best way is to use our contact form. We’re constantly boosting our game and we always love to hear from you! If we can do anything to make your experience with us more delectable, let us know! We will get back to you within 48 business hours.

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