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How To Make The Pefect "Green" Smoothie

 It’s summer – it’s hot, humid and the last thing I feel like doing when it’s days like this is…. EATING! Really – from someone who loves to eat – when it’s hot and I’m sweating, the LAST thing I Get the Scoop »

Who Influences How You Eat? 3 Tips To Start Listening To What Matters Most

I was super frustrated and upset with myself the other night…  You know when you go into a restaurant with a plan in mind. You’ve got it all set that you’re going to choose this one item on the menu. Get the Scoop »

Is Calorie Counting Keeping the Weight On?

Do you ever feel like calorie counting is the THING to do or the only way to lose weight? As though you haven’t tried everything thing else, exercise daily at the gym, eat the “right” types of food and take Get the Scoop »

How To Embrace Your Body With Taryn Brumfitt

It wasn’t that long ago that I can remember when I would wake up the in the morning and the very first thing I would do was slowly move out of bed, walk to the mirror and the very first Get the Scoop »

Is Gluten Free Healthy?

  I’ve been really excited to share this message with you! This topic is something I’ve personally dealt with in my own life and have helped countless others with too. Let me ask, do you ever wonder if gluten free Get the Scoop »

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